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Exemplary studies using Varimin

The analyses may be redone using the published and downloaded ASCII-data.

Study-No. Title of Study Items to download
1 Varimin Components Underlying Figural Similarity. study_1.pdf table_1.txt
2 Reflection-Impulsivity. Does Varimin Reveal MTMM Components? study_2.pdf table_2.txt
3 Self- versus Peer Report Data: Is a Three-Mode Factor Analysis Required? study_3.pdf table_3.txt
4 Study on Contraceptive Behavior Using Multitrait-Multimethod Data. study_4.pdf table_4.txt
5 Extreme Response Set Based on Personality Components? study_5.pdf table_5.txt
6 Factorizing Anthropometric Measures of Women. study_6.pdf table_6.txt
7 Factor Analysis of Body Hair Distribution. study_7.pdf table_7.txt
8 Beck's Depression Inventory (BDI) Revisited. study_8.pdf table_8.txt
9 Factorial Structure of Bipolar Dimensions. study_9.pdf table_9.txt

All studies in a single zip-file
All ASCII-data of studies in a single zip-file

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